Israel Search and Rescue Units

Israel Search & Rescue Units

Comprised of 600 highly trained volunteers, the Israel Rescue Coalition’s Search and Rescue Units are on standby 24/7, to provide search and rescue response all throughout Israel.

The teams operate in various terrains around Israel, in which the standard emergency organizations do not operate, such as rivers in the Golan Heights and Galil, the Negev Mountain, Arava and Eital regions. No climate, weather, or terrain is too extreme for our staff to accomplish their mission of saving lives. The rescue missions generally consist of aiding various travelers, tourists, school children, bikers, hikers, and etc.

These challenging and often dangerous missions require specialized equipment, including professional rappelling and climbing equipment, ropes, satellite communication radios and responder beacons, professional hiking boots, thermal clothing and light jackets, specially designed backpacks, 4-wheel drive vehicles to carry personal and equipment in rough off-road terrains, and marine vehicles for the Dead-Sea and the Sea of Galille.