Our Leaders

Meet Our Leaders

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

    Shraga Green
    Shraga Green who lives in Eilat, is married and is a father of seven and grandfather of four. He has been a volunteer in the Rescue Unit in Eilat since 1995 and commander of the Rescue Unit since 2005. Shraga is 58 and works at the Electric Company and believes that if there's a will there's a way.
    Uri Kotzer
    Uri Kotzer, lives in Arad and is married and father to three. He has been volunteer in the Rescue Unit for the past 20 years and a commander for 3 years. He loves the volunteers he works with and the desert atmosphere. He is employed as a natural gas consultant and teaches math in a school in Arad.
  • Commander of the Alon Rescue Unit
    Noam Eldan
    Noam Eldan lives in Alon and is married to Ayelet. He is the father of three beautiful children; Hallel, Or, and Shir. He has been a volunteer in the unit since 2003 and a commander of the unit since 2007. Always ready for whatever lies ahead, he is reliable and doesn’t stop until the job is done.
  • Itai Chinitz
    Itai Chinitz is just 28 years old and married to Maayan (a doctor) and father of three. He currently lives in Ramot Naftali. Itai serves as the Regional Council Deputy Security Officer of Mevo'ot Hermon. During his military service in Israel, he served as a fighter and commander of an elite special unit.
  • Commander of the Sdei Boker Rescue Unit
    Nemrod Ben Aharon
    Nemrod Ben Aharon lives in Sede Boker. He is married to Inbal and is the father of two; Matan and Hillel. He is an Ecologist on a flight prevention project. Nemrod brings his skills as well as amazing attitude to the unit and is able to think clearly in a time of chaos and urgency.
  • commander of Yehuda Etzion Rescue Unit.
    Tzafrir Schiffman
    Tzafrir Schiffman is married to Galina, and has four kids. They live in Kibbutz Palmach Tzuba, and he has been working in the security department of Mateh Yehuda for 10 years. He is a commander in the unit and with his strong and vibrant personality, Tzafrir know how to navigate in a pressured situation.
  • Commander of the Arad Rescue Unit
    Guy Garvansky
    Guy Garvansky lives in Haifa and is married to Michal and father of five kids; Aya, Ori, Noga, Shira, and Shani. He is Co-CEO for a company that develops and manufactures communication equipment for the army. He has been in the unit for 10 years and has been a commander since 2013.
    Yaniv Barzelai
    Yaniv Barzelai, lives in Alfei Menashe, and is married to Orit and has four kids; Ori, Sapir, Ma'ayan, and Noya. A volunteer of the unit since 2007 and a commander since 2015, he is a self-employed worker in the Telecommunications field. Hard working and committed, the unit knows it can depend on Yaniv.
  • Uri Lev
    Uri Lev is 55 years old, married and a father of three. He lives in Moshav Tzofer Arava, is a farmer and works in a chicken factory. Uri has been a volunteer in the rescue unit for 20 years and the last 7 years as a lieutenant.